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Maintenance Program

FNG Mechanical, LLC Preventive Maintenance Service Program

As a preferred customer of FNG Mechanical, LLC we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our Preventative Maintenance Program.

Becoming a member of the PMS Program entitles our FNG customers to multiple benefits.

  • Cleaning and routine inspections of your furnace and/or cooling system can add years of life to your system.
  • Maintained equipment can increase efficiency and can save money during operation.

Semi annual/annual routine inspections help avoid unnecessary costly repairs.

By enrolling in the PMS Program, completing service maintenance each year on all equipment selected. You will maintain your FNG Preferred Customer status.

Preferred Customer receives priority service and special rates.

As a preferred customer, you will receive a reminder phone call semi annual/annual from our office to schedule the necessary maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance Service Information

Services for Furnace:

  • Change filter on furnace (only 1″ Pleated filter included).
  • Wipe down furnace of dirt and debris.
  • Clean flame sensor or pilot assembly.
  • Check all wiring for proper connections and tighten all electrical terminal.
  • Check flue and venting. (Includes vent from water heater).
  • Check all safety components.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Run furnace and check for proper start-up. 
  • Check blower operation. (main blower/inducer motor)
  • Check for proper shut down of furnace.
  • Check all drains including condensate trap (90% efficiency and higher only).

Services for Air Conditioning:

  • Change filter on furnace (only 1″ Pleated filter included).
  • Clean and check condensing coils.
  • Check all wiring for proper connections.
  • Inspect all visible line set.
  • Check drains for proper slope and no clogs, check condensate pump operation.
  • Run and Test A/C system for proper operation.

Services for Humidifiers:

  • Wipe scale residue as needed.
  • Check drain for proper flow.
  • check solenoid valve to allow max water flow.
  • Check unit for proper operation.

Services for Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC):

  • Check all filters parts.
  • Check for no damage.
  • Cleaning of inside of filter rack.
  • Check unit for proper operation.

Service water heater:

  • Wipe scale and residue of all parts as needed.
  • Check relief valve, venting, clean and inspect burner assembly for proper operation.
  • Adjust water temp as needed.

Please contact FNG Mechanical, LLC for pricing and contract information via our online forms or call us at 231-499-6329.



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